The Rosary: Our Path to Salvation


We must be ready to ask for all the help we can get on our way to salvation.  We need not try to fight this battle against evil alone without all of the saints and angels that God has made to assist us and to emulate.

In this light, we must rely upon those who have gone before us who now reside in heaven to pray for us to Jesus and our Heavenly Father.  Mary has offered herself to pass on our prayers.  Would you turn her down?  Or will you take her up on her offer and ask for her prayers to her Son to help us fight Satan as he opposes us?

This video tells us why we should pray the Rosary:

I pray you all may find the Blessed Mother and seek her assistance in the Rosary so that we may glorify her Son Christ Jesus and ultimately be saved in the end.


God bless you all!


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