Greetings fellow Christians! Thank you for stopping by to read our educational blog. Thank you for expressing your interests in deepening your understanding of Almighty God. We are happy to serve Him and glorify Christ Jesus in all we do.

We are the Ecu-Men, a group of faithful followers in Christ, working for Pseudoclasm Media. Just as the Iconoclasm was the breaking of Icons, Pseudoclasm stands for the breaker of falsehoods.

Like ALL other humans upon this earth: We are sinners. Our work is dedicated to Jesus Christ that others may know Him and live in Him every day of their lives. And we do not take preference for feelings over the teachings of Christ, all that He has commanded, whether in Scripture according to the magisterium or the Apostolic Traditions of His Church.

If you don’t like how the truth makes you feel, that is OK (we are converts & reverts and also didn’t like the truth before we accepted it). Christ’s suffering wasn’t easy either.  Christ showed us how much of a physical struggle it was for Him in the flesh to fight the devil; and He was murdered for it. Our challenges may not be so significant as His; but, if we do not attempt to live charitably in all things as He did, we jeopardize the possibility of our future salvation in heaven.

So, to aid fellow Christians in working out our salvation in fear and trembling, we are happy to provide this content here to help make that possible for you and your loved ones, no matter their religious background.

We highly encourage daily prayer, daily mass, devotions to the Blessed Mother, and ALL other mandates passed by Christ Himself through His holy Church so that you may receive the graces of God in this life while preparing ourselves to be worthy of heaven in the next.

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Ecu-Minute Introduction: 

In Christ and Mary,

May God bless you and the Virgin protect you all!